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When you buy a name on OneClickName, you become the new owner of the domain name. You will have no other fixed or recurring cost to pay to OneClickName. You will simply have to pay the annual fee to your registrar (around 10-12$/year for most registrars) as for any domain name.

OneClickName is a market place of domain names which allows domain buyers and domain sellers to meet together.

We will be the third party company which guarantees that the transfer process of the domain names to you is done properly. You proceed to the payment to OneClickName, and once the transfer of the domain is done, we proceed to the payment of the domain seller.

If the transfer process is not done by the seller, we proceed to the refund of the amount you paid.

The transfer process starts right after we receive your payment confirmation. The transfer duration is typically 1 to 8 business days, depending on the registrars of the buyer (you) and seller. If the registrars are the same ones, the transfer can be done in few hours in most cases.

In almost all cases, you can use the registrar you prefer. In order to benefit of the fastest transfer, the best is nevertheless to open a free account at the same registrar as the seller.

In some rare cases, it can happen that there is a registrar lock which avoids a transfer of the domain name to another registrar. In this case, you need to open a free account at this registrar to make the transfer immediately possible. If for some technical reasons, you absolutely need to transfer the domain to another registrar, 60 days are required to remove the registrar lock.

  1. click on the 'Buy' button! You are redirected to Paypal to proceed to a secure payment (no Paypal account required)
  2. on the Paypal payment page, enter you credit card details or choose to pay with your Paypal account (in this last case, enter your Paypal login and password)
  3. once the Paypal payment done, you will receive an email from Paypal confirming that the payment is done.
  4. Within 24 hours, you will receive an email from OneClickName explaining how to proceed for the transfer. If you have no registrar, we will ask you to create a free account to the same registrar as the seller allowing the transfer process to be faster (possibly finished in few minutes). You will probably have to pay your registrar for registering the domain, about 10-12$ per year in most cases. If you want to proceed to a transfer to your specific registrar different from the one of the seller, the transfer process should be longer (up to 8 days). Whatever your registrar is, you will just have to tell us to which account you want to transfer the domain.
  5. Once the transfer is initiated, you will receive an email from your registrar explaining how to confirm the transfer.
All these steps are very smooth and simple. Just relax!

Yes. Simply click on the button '10 days option' on the description page of the domain, or send an email to us. The option price is 10% of the total price for 10 days of reservation. During the reservation period, the domain is removed from our website and cannot be bought by somebody else. If you have not bought the domain at the end of the reservation period, it will become available again to anybody. The reservation payment is not refundable but is deductable from the total price of the domain if you finally buy it.

You can proceed to the payment through the Paypal interface provided on our website. We chose this payment partner because it is worlwide known as a secured and reliable service. You can use either your credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express...) or your Paypal account if you've got any. You do not need any Paypal account if you pay by credit card. You can also pay by bank wire transfer, contact us by email if you prefer this option.

A domain name registrar is an organization or commercial entity that manages the reservation of Internet domain names. The worldwide database of domain names is centralized and maintained by a non-profit organization named ICANN. Each registrar is accredited by ICANN and is responsible for distributing the domain names to the end-users. Here are some examples of popular registrars: GoDaddy, Enom, Gandi, NameCheap...

Yes, OneClickName is a market place which allows buyers and sellers to meet together. If you have premium domain names to sell, you can propose them to us through this form: click here. Please, be advised that we accept to sell only world-class domain names. Do not submit domain names if you are not convinced that they belong to the elite of domain names. You and our staff would waste time. Click on the 'Sellers' button at the top of this FAQ to have more information about selling names on our platform.

No. A trademark has to be registered for specific 'classes' (categories of businesses) and needs to be protected in every country. As it is not possible to know in advance what will be the exact use of the domain name by our customers and in which countries the business will be developed, we do not register any trademark associated to our domain names.

We recommend that you perform some verifications and ask for some legal advice before buying a domain name. You should namely check that a competitor does not use a similar name for its product, that the name is not trademarked for the same kind of product in the countries where you want to expand. If the name is not trademarked in your business sector and target countries, you may be able to register your name as a trademark. Note that if the name is already trademarked for some kinds of businesses, you may still be able to trademark it for other kinds of activities.

You are responsible for this kind of verifications. Here below are some websites which can help you to check if a trademark already exists for the domain name you want to buy.

For a checking with a worldwide database: WIPO worldwide trademark search

We recommend to check also the national offices of the countries you target ; see some examples below:
- US trademark search
- European search
- Canadian search

Note that the rules around trademarks and copyrights are quite tricky and complicated. You should ask for the help of an expert or attorney for trademark matters.

We are entrepreneurs and we experienced how difficult it is to find a premium business name. We spent weeks to think up good names for the previous businesses we created. A catchy, meaningful and brandable name is often crucial for your business but once you have your short list you can be sure that none of those domains is available! Days of brainstorming for nothing! We also realized that for our projects we often buy several 'good domain names' and only selecting one to go live. This means we had many domains registered - sometimes for several years - that were not useful to anyone. Many of the developers we knew were in the same situation.

So it became clear to us that putting all those names in a single marketplace with a powerful search engine would be really beneficial for everybody. The key thing with oneClickName is that you don't search for a domain name containing a specific keyword, you search for domain names that matches the idea behind your keywords.

Catchy, easily memorable, easily pronouncable, unique spelling, short, inspiring, meaningful, differentiating, multicultural... And a '.com' extension! It is not easy to find a premium name!

One important point is the differentiation. Most of our domain names are not just a juxtaposition of keywords. This kind of domain names do not have a high value as they do do not allow an easy communication around your company, and your customers cannot speak about you or even find you again through search engines. For example, do not create the 1000th company with a name like Build an identity and be inspiring, select a name that can become a brand and a trademark.

The .com extension is the worldwide reference. It is one of the important characteristics required to launch a global business. Once your customers know your name, they look for your .com domain on the internet. It is the natural standard extension everybody knows, with an image of worldwide leader.

A .com extension is alos cheaper to maintain: around 10-12$/year against several dozens dollars for many other extensions (e.g. : around 100$/year for the '.film' extension).

The only case we proceed to a refund is when a seller fails to transfer a domain name to a buyer. It is the responsability of the buyer to check that all aspects (legal...) have been checked before the purchase.

Each domain for sale on OneClickName is illustrated with a logo that was provided by one of our designers. Those logos are not for sale and are not included in the price you pay for a domain. Anyway, if you ask for it, we should be able to send this logo to you in vectorial format, for free.

Yes, OneClickName is a market place which allows buyers and sellers to meet together. If you have premium domain names to sell, you can propose them to us by email. Please, be advised that we accept to sell only world-class domain names. Do not submit domain names if you are not convinced that they belongs to the elite of domain names. You and our staff would loose their time.

We accept only world class domain names.

Here are some of the characteristics of such domain names:

  1. catchy: people must say 'wow, great name!'
  2. easily memorable
  3. easily pronouncable: if people needs to ask 'how did you say? what .com?', the domain name will not be selected
  4. unique spelling: it should not be necessary to spell the name to somebody who hears it for the first time ; this person should be able to write it directly
  5. short: 9 letters maximum; no more than 2 or 3 syllabs
  6. inspiring: the name should evoke a universe relative to the activity
  7. meaningful: anybody reading the name should have an idea of the business behind
  8. differentiating: most domains which are a juxtaposition of keywords do not fullfil this criterion
  9. multicultural: 'étterem' means 'restaurant' in Hungarian ; we are not interested in '' domain name - even if we really love hungarian restaurants -
  10. a '.com' extension ; if your have awesome names with some other extensions, they may be of interest for us but they must be killer names
The decision to add or refuse domain names for our listing is done by our team of linguists and marketing experts.

If you think that you have domains which fullfil our selection criteria, simply submit them with the following form: click here. We will tell you within 72 hours if some of them are selected to be listed on our platform.

No, it is not necessary. We have our own team and community of logo designers. Nevertheless, if you want to submit your logos for validation by our team, feel free to do it. We reserve the right to accept or refuse your logos. If refused, we will ask our designers to design a logo. You cannot refuse the use on our website of a logo designed by our designers.

No. A logo designed by a designer of our team cannot be used anywhere else than on our website.

You will receive 70% of the price paid by the customer.

It is possible for the buyer to take an option on a domain name. The option price for the buyer is 10% of the total price for 10 days of reservation. During the reservation period, the domain cannot be bought by somebody else. You will be informed that an option has been taken on your domain meaning that it is probably close to be sold. You are not allowed to sell this domain outside OneClickName during this period. You will be paid 70% of the option price at the end of the period, that is to say 7% of the domain total price.

You will get paid within 4 weeks after the completion of the transfer process. The earlier the transfer is finished, the earlier you will get paid.

Once your domain name is accepted by our team, we will ask you to redirect (302 or 301 redirect) your domain to the description page of your domain on our website. That's a way for us to ensure that you own the domain you sell, and also to check if the domain is transfered to someone else. It also allows the potential customers to know that the domain is for sale on OneClickName and to be redirected to the detailed description of your domain name. In this way, they are able to buy the domain at the listed price.

You simply have to mention the following URL:[DOMAIN_NAME.EXT] (EXT is '.com' in most cases)
in the field 'Domain forwarding' or 'Web forwarding' you will find in the settings of your domain at your registrar's website. If you have some difficulties to do this, check the online help or FAQ of your registrar. Once done, check the and adresses entered in your brower correctly redirects to the details page of your domain on our website. If you have some questions, contact us at


OneClickName wants to guarantee a smooth process to its customers, sellers and designers. This requires to follow the rules hereafter.

If you manage to sell this domain outside OneClickName, you must inform us within 24 hours that it has been sold so that we can remove it from our website. Failing to inform OneClickName may result in the potential cancellation of a simultaneous order on our platform. In this case, the penalties mentioned in the paragraph 'Non-selling / non-transfer penalties' will be applied.

Note that your are not allowed to sell a domain name listed on our platform as soon as we informed you that we started negotiations with a buyer, or that a buyer took an option on your domain name. If the buyer finally buys the domain and if you are no more able to sell it, the penalties mentioned in the paragraph 'Non-selling / non-transfer penalties' will be applied.

If a customer buys your domain on our platform, you are obliged to proceed to the transfer to this customer. If you refuse to proceed to the transfer, the penalties mentioned in the paragraph 'Non-selling / non-transfer penalties' will be applied.

If you refuse to sell / transfer to a buyer a domain listed on OneClickName, all your domains listed on our website will be removed from our listing. We also reserve the right to take legal action and ask for a financial indemnification for us and/or our customer.

It is your responsability to inform us of any modification of your personal data, namely of your email address, physical address and phone number. Indeed, if your personal information is not updated, we might not be able to contact you if one of your domains is sold. This would namely result in the impossibility to proceed to a transfer (see 'Non-selling / non-transfer penalties').

You must inform us if you do not renew a domain name listed on our site or if it is no more for sale. If you don't do so, this would possibly result in the impossibility to proceed to a transfer (see 'Non-selling / non-transfer penalties').

Trying to contact OneClickName visitors and customers to sell your domain name directly to them outside of our platform is strictly prohibited. If such sollicitations occur, all your domain names will be removed from our listing.

You are not allowed to use the logo associated with your domain outside of our website, except if you designed it.

It is the responsability of the seller to check all the legal aspects relative to the domain names submitted to OneClickName. You should check that the domain names you submit do not infrige the inllectual property rights or trademarks of any third party. If you are aware that one of the domains you already listed infriges some rights, or if you receive any complaint, you must inform us so that we remove this domain from our listing. If we discover any domain which arises some copyright issues, we will remove it from our listing.

You are informed that all the transactions performed on OneClickName are confidential. You are not allowed to give any information about the selling of a domain on our platform. Namely, you are not allowed to communicate the name and price of the domain sold on our platform, and you are not allowed to give information about the buyer. OneClickName is the sole entity allowed to communicate about the sales performed on its platform.

If you are a skilled designer, we would be delighted to welcome you in our community. Simply send to us at a portfolio of your artworks and we will tell you if we validate your profile.

You will receive from us a list of domain names for which ones we need a logo to be designed. You can tell us for what domains you would like to design a logo. Once you received our validation, you can start to work. You have 1 week to provide your logos.

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