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OneClickName is a domain name marketplace proposed by Tasmanic Editions. Tasmanic Editions is a successful editor of apps and games for smartphones and tablets. Here are the links to our apps: Android, iOS. We are located in Paris, France. You can click here to get some official information about our company.

We are entrepreneurs and we experienced how difficult it is to find a premium business name. We spent weeks to think up good names for the previous businesses we created. A catchy, meaningful and brandable name is often crucial for your business but once you have your short list you can be sure that none of those domains is available! Days of brainstorming for nothing...

We also realized that for our projects we were often buying several 'good domain names' and only selecting one to go live. This means we had many domains registered - sometimes for several years - that were not useful to anyone. Many of the developers we knew were in the same situation.

So it became clear to us that putting all those names in a single marketplace with a powerful search engine would be really beneficial for everybody. The key thing with oneClickName is that you don't search for a domain name containing a specific keyword, you search for domain names that matches the idea behind your keywords.


သင်သည်မည်သည့်မေးခွန်းရှိပါကကျွန်တော်တို့ကိုဆက်သွယ်ပါရန်အခမဲ့ခံစားရသည်။ မီ, သငျသညျအစစျဆေးနိုငျ FAQ :)



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